Hidden marriage 100: Get a hot wife to marry – Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction
“You saved me, I let my daddy favors!” Ning Xi accidentally saved the little buns, the result were attached with a large bun. After marriage, Xiao Lu Ting Chong life as the wife of one thousand by Baishun, dogs abuse from even his own son did not miss. “Boss, the company true to his wife get to play? Does your wife want to sell the company and regardless?” “You sell a company?” “Young master, bad! Mrs. saying we should lift the roof!” “Do not go help Mrs. escalator child. “” Baba, thank you to Andy buy Bear! “” it was bought for your mother. “” my husband, this script I particularly like, just a little bit more than bed scene, can i take it? “Lu Ting Xiao look calm:. “You can,” In the evening, Ning Xi leaning back scratching and scrambling to escape out of bed. Lu Ting Xiao! Can your uncle! ! !

PS : This is machine translation and i am accepting any correction from you guys. hehe. thank u.. (still learning to translate.. hehe)